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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Period 

We accept applications from October 1, 2023-January 8, 2024. All application materials are handled via Submittable portal. 


Application fee. Do I have to pay? 

There is a $30 required fee for processing applications. Unfortunately, this fee cannot be waived. 


Can I apply from outside the States? 

Yes, we have had several international writers in residency. You are responsible for arranging the necessary visas and travel expenses, but we welcome applicants from outside the States. 


Is there a stipend? 

Yes, you will receive a $1,100 stipend for a 4 week residency and $1,650 for a 6 week residency. You are responsible for your own travel costs and your own meals etc. while in residency. 


Is the residency just for poets? 

No. Our writers are poets, essayists, novelists, journalists. We are open to an array of genres. 


Do my references need to arrive by the deadline? 

For the jurors to review your complete application, your references must be submitted by the deadline of January 8. 

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For specific questions, please feel free to reach out by email

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